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AceZone A-Live

The AceZone A-Live headset is the first of its kind. Developed for esports events and tournaments, it takes noise cancelling and player communication to a whole new level

During 2017, the founders of AceZone met with key industry stakeholders at a number of esports events. Excited by what they saw, they set out on a journey to create state of the art solutions for the challenges that esports events currently face

Challenges for esports events

Headset Microphones Pick Up Ambient Noise

In a stadium packed full of cheering fans, players competing on-stage struggle to communicate with each other using normal headsets. Players are rightly frustrated when their headset microphones pick-up crowd noise and commentators' voices, and muddle this with team comms. What's worse is they hear this noise twice: through their teammates' microphones and the poor damping on their own headset.

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Insufficient Passive Damping

Players can struggle to hear important in-game sound cues and even their own teammates due to arena noise when playing on stage. Headsets with insufficient isolation allow arena noise into the headset and can even lead to players receiving game-breaking information, as they can hear the live commentary in the arena whilst playing on stage.

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Ineffective Solutions

Currently event operators have no equipment they can turn to, in order to fix the aforementioned issues. This leads to events distancing players from fans, using costly soundproofed cages and dialing back production value, all of which damage the online and in-person fan experience. However ultimately, these solutions fall short on all fronts: competitive integrity, fan engagement and operational overheads.

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Hybrid noise cancelling

Hybrid noise cancelling created with esports events in mind

Combining the world’s best passive damping with the world's best active damping, a patented solution helping esports athletes concentrate and perform at esports events.

Fighter jet communication technology coming to esports

At AceZone, we’ve partnered with Terma, a Danish state of the art defense technology company having the only operationally fielded Active Noise Reduction headset for fighter aircrafts. Terma’s audio solution is being used by U.S. and Danish F-16 pilots to be able to concentrate and hear threats while flying at speeds faster than sound. AceZone is now introducing this audio technology to be used in the gaming and esports communities.

State Of The Art Noise Cancellation

The built-in Active Ambient Noise Cancellation (AANC) works in-tandem with passive damping to create best-in-class overall noise cancellation and sound isolation. Background noise from audiences and PA systems are eliminated, and therefore do not affect player performance.

Admin Detection System

AceZone's innovative patent pending Admin Detection System (ADS) is designed to help admins diagnose potential issues quickly during a live event. The ADS enables smoother-run events with fewer tech issues.

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Clear team communication

Advanced microphone Ambient Noise and Speech Suppression (ANSS)

The multiple AceZone A-Live microphones combined with innovative firmware, allow the voice microphone to eliminate background noise. This combination of integrated hardware and firmware means that players only hear what they need to hear and no crowd or PA system noise.

Two Step Noise Cancellation

The directional voice microphone, found on the boomarm, is designed to suppress external noise at all frequencies, while capturing crystal clear vocal recordings that have no harsh distortion and remain at a consistent volume. The special microphone suspension is optimized for dampening handling noise. The foam tip protects the microphone, whilst suppressing pops and wind noise.

Speech Enhancer Algorithm

While the directional voice microphone reduces some noise, the remaining noise is removed by the AceZone patent pending speech enhancer algorithm. The algorithm uses multiple microphones at the boomarm and on the earcups. These microphones record and then separate ambient noise from speech.

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Engineered for esports events

Purpose Built Design

Designed from the ground up with esports events in mind, the AceZone A-Live headset leverages the latest in material tech, in order to set a new standard in live event audio. Built to last, the design takes a minimalist approach with no unnecessary frills, buttons or "gamer" aesthetics.

Correct Fit

In order to achieve the best possible sound isolation, each player must find their ideal fit. Pressure should be distributed evenly around the head and the player should hear next to no background noise, even when they're playing in a packed arena. Just as if they were playing at home.

In-Ear Compatible

Even though the AceZone A-Live headset has been tuned to offer the best possible audio experience for esports, sometimes players just prefer to use their own in-ear headphones from home. Therefore, the A-Live has been designed to offer a great experience over the top of in-ear headphones once extra care is taken to get the perfect fit.


Driver type: Special large coil dynamic driver. Driver size: 42 mm. Driver frequency range: 20 - 20k Hz.


Simply plug and play with a USB-C connection. No need for additional software installations on tournament PCs or specialist sound staff to get the headsets working. All software runs locally on each headset with access available only to tournament organisers, admins and crew.

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Admin detection system

Help admins solve problems live on-stage

The AceZone Admin Detection System consists of several features built for tournament organizers to detect when players are experiencing audio issues on stage, and help admins diagnose the problem there and then.

On the AceZone A-Live headset there is an oval circle with three lights on each earcup. These LEDs communicate the status of the headset to tournament officials.

If you're organizing events and tournaments, reach out to us below to get more information about the features of the Admin Detection System.

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